Start Your Healing With Your Gut

Course Summary

Includes the foundational functional assessment, plus a GI test to assess your gut health and recommendations to support a healthy microbiome and digestion/elimination as much disease starts with an imbalance in the GI tract. The foundational functional assessment includes an appointment with review of foundational labs, a comprehensive health history from birth to present, access to my course ‘Foundational Functional Medicine’ free. After reviewing all the ‘roots’ such as nutrition, exercise and movement, sleep and relaxation, stress and relationships, we will discuss strategies and appropriate supplements that may support you to have more energy, lose weight, have better skin and improved mood. This package also includes a complimentary two week continuous glucose monitor to learn about how your nutrition and movement affects your blood sugars (glucose monitor available only in the United States).

Course Curriculum

Dr. Saadia Mian

John Smith

Course Pricing

Gut Health Assessment

$999 USD

  • GI Map testing along with foundational functional assessment

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